Sunday, July 15, 2012

And I'm Back?

Long time since i updated this thing  here are just a small collection of photos from the past 2 months or so some pieces outside and in, and some friends outside and in. iv done 3 shows in my absence from internet land. one small solo in a friends cafe, Kyria group show with 10 artist that i co curated and participated also i curated and participated in the latest exhibition at the Zimmer. i have almost no photos of these events i kinda took a vacation from technology avoiding my responsibility but i guess im back in action ill see if i can find some shots of them i was also recently in a group show in NYC at Hindershot gallery

the Legendary

Oil and spray paint on canvas
Masha and Black Betty

The legendary Klone

oil on canvas

The legend and I

Oil and spray on wood

Asi Masulem And the great Yiar Perez

the Legendary stock of big heads

I'll miss him

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