Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zimmer Days but mostly nights

This was the first exhibition in the Zimmer's new space Tammar Musael and Masha Seminski where the first at bat and they fuckin smashed it out of the park grand slam kinda shit ... I  played little league for many years never any good i was afraid of the ball and when i think about it i actually collected baseball cards and traded with friends with out any knowledge of teams or players any way the show was great the opening was super rad we had the best Dj in town spinning vinyl. All the cool kid came out. this is the first of many exibitons in the Zimmers new space and i hope ill be able to deliver  a broadcast of every game that takes place on our home field. check out the zimmers blog 
Tammar's cast of her now husband and future father to there child
a man at work
a woman at work
a man facing himself
masha workin on her instalation

Masha's work i love it details coming soon
the new digs
the res ion why the Zimmerman exist

think Gripper Heat

the other res ion the zimmer exist

i love him

she performed
fuck yea Dj Detrrriottt

Thank you come again

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