Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So its been about 2 and half weeks since my solo presenting presents in prayers for prisoners opened at Florentine 45 gallery the opening was shit old rich women trying to touch my dick people running around with an American flag in there underwear spilling beer all over. It was a mess but i made enough money to to get a nice bag of pot and pay my bills. oh and just in case anyone was wondering i have been having a lot of sex since the night of my show but she left this morning for 2 and a half weeks so i guess its back to dolly the sexy sheep and cooking oil stains on my couch, but that's just how it is. Iv been trying to slow down on the drinking its kinda working but now i have started to smoke more pot. im doing some small drawings about my sexual adventures and big dick unicorns crying dont know what that means but fuck it. also tryin to get shit ready right now for this show in Vienna at some gallery cant remember what the name is. still havnt even decided what im gonna do and i have about 3 4 days to send the work. dont know if ill be able to send it i still got to wait 2 weeks untill i get that shit most of us depend on and need besides a good fuck so im eating alot of rice popcorn and veggies which isnt that fuckin bad but i donno i think a nice stake garlic mash potatoes and a good IPA might make me feel a little better and a plane ticket to the land of the free home of the brave might help as well need a break form tel aviv so im gonna try and fuck shit up in the states for a bit and if all goes well maybe to the father land for some good ol SS fun but it is all up to the powers that be. untill then ill just keep eating my rice and smoking shity hash maybe ill do some drawings alog the way

Monday, February 22, 2010

Presenting presents in Prayers for Prisoners

So this is my first ligament solo show and its at florentine 45 galleryin in Tel Aviv israel on the 5th of march there will be free beer and a paformance piece that i did the choreography for some instalations and sculptures. For those whome it concenrns i only had sex with a few women and fucked around with a few guys during the preperation for this one so after it if any women wants to lend me there pussy for a nice long and brutal fuck i will be the drunk guy yelling at all the people at the opening with my dick hanging out, but dont worrie when im sobber im alot more charming and will be up for a nice fuck-a-thon the day after. oh yea and to the people that buy something there are compimentary blowjobs and pussy lickings from me or someone eles depending on who or what you are that is a promise. Im still in the process of hanging the show and jerking off on every wall just to make sure there is alittle of me on every inch of the space so im gonna get back to that. Go fuck yourself or someone eles i dont really care get down come out and dance on my broken soul on march 5th my lovely fellow human beings

this is one of the 36 matel sculptures i did they are all different shapes sizes and colors just like us
shot of my studio when i was drunk and thinking of you my dear sweet love