Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tel Aviv New York MIami

A much needed trip is what is was new jersey was dirty and warm with family party's and diners thanksgiving was epic as always I missed my family so much. new york was so much more then i could ask for my good friends niomie and dubbie hooked it up spent some time in dubbies studio in Brooklyn painted ate some fuckin Delicious mexacan food put up some posters in the rain went to the momo then headed to miami where the sun beat down on my head and the Latin women shook ther asses i got hooked up with fountain art fair by a cat named Samson from Market Place Gallery his name really matches his personality. i painted a wall and had some new paintings showing with the gallery. then i painted some more shit in the winwood district danced alot smoked that purple among many other fine herbs kept it gangsta with my homie Know Hope met some thugs from canada and a lot of other really awesome people creating interesting things. the locals where inviting and mad chilled out i dug the whole thing im glad i went, it was my first time going to miami art basle i just went down to check it out and i have to say there is alot of bulllshit but in the end is was really a dope experience I am definitely going back next year




Miami fountain art fair 2011

 Over Under at fountain art fair super cool dude awsome work

The Ever sensitive Know Hope

 The Trade i did with Dave Tree 

 A wall i did with "En Masse" a really rad group of artisit from Montreal Cananda 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inside Blow Job

these pictures are from my show at Tel Aviv museums Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Befor the opening

Opening night
The great and legendary Klone
The Talented and Beautful Foma <3
            The extremly sensitive but sexy Know Hope
                  The super thug Zero Cents

My dream house

The After Party