Saturday, February 16, 2013

HI How Are You!

Havnt posted anything hear for some time things have happened as they tend to do
 Zine festivales,
festivles for sin
 old walls getting new paint jobs
 new magazines got published
 and so on.
 im 27 now if that means anything... i dont think it dose
im in a new studio now still not really comfortable but i guess im almost never really comfortable
 so.... all is well.
Working on some new works
 mostly drawings playing with inks and markers and the such
nothing serious yet
 maybe its time :)

A new ink drawing

my grandfather


Alabama Black Flag 

Zine Festival 
a page from my zine i made 50 

a wall next to the beach 


yom kipor is the best holiday for writers in Israel 


Robat SMD @ Capzoola

Pickles Magazine release party 


 Till next time

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