Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2006-2007 & a maybe

heres sum things from the past years today
 sketches New Jersey circa 2006
 and the rest from Tel-Aviv 2007.. maybe 
  i'm doing nothing new,
 not until i collect my self.......
well, nothing big ....
unless i'm outside......
then in that case... i might indulge
its hard being without my studio
but i'm taking care of other things
 i guess thats just the way.

Drunk Bee

Its a steel car hood that bought in Jaffa  

The" Maybe"
painted 2005 Tel-Aviv

Kloz sitting on klone and im floating in air when i was made for a corner 

I was rude when i was drinking

Know Hope and my self in Jerusalem haha 
Kloz And I Tel-Aviv

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