Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Russia With Love

 So i went to St. Petersberg Russia with my good friend the great and legendary Klone a little while back and i have come up with one conclusion Russians are totally fucked up but it was a nice little trip.there is  no street art and very little graff on the streets mostly every thing is in ally ways and on roof tops. The pot there is really bad but the women are beautiful to the point where it just becomes a joke i put up some posters and painted some walls did a little bombing got arrested for putting some shit up right out side a police station stayed there for about an hour and then Klone bribed the cop with $100 he gave us are shit back let us go but before we left he gave us some tips on how not to get caught. oh yea and ate shity food all n all i had a great time 


I actually quit drinking and have been sober for 7 months

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