Monday, July 6, 2009

New Studio

moved in a couple months ago to to my new place in the montefurie negborhood but still i have no shower I have to broken lights proped up on boxes the boxes where supposed to be paintings
but its 100 sq. meters so fuck it im still trying to figure out what the best configuration for work it will take another couple months untill i can really get down to work meanwhile its a great place to drink and pretend to work

progress shot of the painting you see below still working on it a bit
still used to working in a tiny ass place so i still mainly use just the carpetwich actully used to be the size of my last studio it was about 3x2.5 no joke that shit sucked i had to step out of it to look at a paintingold studiobar built by godspeed good friends of mine some really fuckin cool shit
new website in the works
some new paper work some still avalible
fuck you all


  1. Enjoy new home, bro!

    i made a link for you in "local artist's links" wiget

  2. this is a very strong series!

    good work darling!