Saturday, June 27, 2009

American Dreamin

the idea was to do 30 tattoos in 30 days
Sewing needle thread india ink colored pencil tape and whiskey

but it didnt work out that way the tattoos were reflection of each day but i got way to drunk one night and did something really fucked up so told myself that i wouldnt continue the project untill i sobbered upI never got back to this project

The final feast 101x61 acrylic on wood 2008

I dont think she got it in the end after she walked out the door and smiled it made me sick to think there are people like that in the world but then agein i dont think she was that bad even if her shit did sell my thoughts on her would only change slightly i sold my self once it wasnt as bad as they say it is acid is fun if you have the time you can mum if you want to drink drink drink i think i left my self respect on the kicten counter next to the stagnet beer left to remind me that even in the wost times of my life i can still drink and cash in the bottles to buy some cigs my lungs are starting to get mad they told me the other day that they think i should kill her as well the back of him in the end it dosnt mater we are all just and un just if you want to call me that go ahead but in the end i didnt like her very much

Painted last summer in the Tel-Aviv river next to the legendary Klone


Pretty girl and a fading flag

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